The eThekwini Municipality has assured members of EPWP that the city has not reached any decision to end the employment of anyone under this programme. This follows after rumours were going around on the streets and on social media that EPWP contracts would be ended.

Deputy Mayor Fawzia Peer, said she has not met with the head of treasury, Krish Kumar in this regard. The message doing the rounds on social media platforms, according to Peer, is nothing but blue lies.

“It is very worrying that there are people who are hell-bent to destabilise our municipality. This information is false and I am appealing to all EPWP workers to be calm as the status quo remains. Let us all work together because we have a huge responsibility to provide basic services to all our residents. I cannot believe that some people have stooped this low solely to put the city on a collision course with its EPWP workers” she added . Peer vowed that she will always strongly subscribe to an open door policy and she is willing to engage EPWP members in this regard if the need arises.

“As a political head at the present moment, I am even willing to meet with the representatives of these colleagues and we need to be civil when deliberating on their grievances. I am appealing to them not to resort to violence or marches to the City Hall to draw our attention. They must resist being used as a political football.

Had we were in control of the situation and had a considerable budget at our disposal, we would have acceded to their grievances as of yesterday” said Peer.