A Chinese national fatally plunged from his third storey Mount Edgecombe flat in stark terror after being pointed with a gun by a robber who held up the man and his wife, yesterday evening.

Phoenix SAPS is investigating a case of house robbery and murder following the tragedy at the Siphosethu Road residence. According to communications officer at Phoenix SAPS, Cpt L Naidoo, at about 5:30pm, members of SAPS Phoenix responded to a complaint of a house robbery in Mount Edgecombe.

“At the scene, members noticed an Asian male (Chinese national) lying on the ground and paramedics were attending to him. Upon proceeding into the house, the members discovered that the occupants of the house were held up and robbed. It is alleged that the victim and his wife had just arrived home from work and were walking up the stair way to their flat on the third floor. As they walked past the second floor, they were accosted by two men who pointed firearms at them and made them (the victims) take them (suspects) into the house. The victim and his wife were threatened with firearms and the suspects demanded cash and took the victims’ wife’s handbag which contained R50 000 cash, as well as, four cellphones.

“The suspects then tied the victims with plastic ties while they ransacked the house. The victim, 46-year-old Shao Zhong Pang, then managed to break the plastic ties and helped his wife and they both ran onto the balcony and shut the glass patio door. One of the suspects came to the door and pointed a firearm at them. The victim got scared and jumped over the balcony and fell three levels to the grassy ground. Unfortunately, the victim died as a result of the fall. The suspects then took off taking with them a Samsung television, as well as, the victim’s motor vehicle a Honda Ballade. Total value of items taken is R280, 000. The victims’ wife was very traumatised and was taken to a hospital for treatment,” said Cpt Naidoo