Ladysmith snake catcher, Fanie “Snake Whisperer” Cilliers removed a huge female puff adder, from the Mlumayo area. The snake is extremely venomous and responsible for about 68 percent of bites in Africa.

Cilliers told The Ladysmith Herald that he received a phone call from resident living near Gcinalishone Clinic in the Mhlumayo area. “The caller seemed very concerned and told me that they had cornered a huge python and was terrified for the safety of the children in the homestead.” He said that it was almost a two-hour trip to the homestead.

“We finally arrived there to find a disoriented family greeting us with fear in their eyes. Needless to say, we were now 45km from Greytown right near the Tugela River.” The Snake Whisperer finally found the reptile which turned out to be a puff adder.

He had to break through a wall to get to the snake’s hideout. “This sent shivers down my spine. After breaking down the wall and carefully searching for the puff adder, it was spotted and I could safely remove the snake,” said Cilliers. “The snake was released back into the wild as it is so important that they control the rodent population to avoid an epidemic or any disease that could be spread by these rodents.”