Child Welfare Chatsworth last week officially announced its annual Charity Fair.

The organisation also announced its major sponsors and partners for the event that takes place during 3, 4 and 5 May as well as during 10,11,12 May. Tabloid Newspapers, publishers of The Chatsworth Tabloid is once again a major print media partner to the Charity Fair. The media house’s managing director Rishaad Mahomed said that he was happy that Tabloid Newspapers was part of this event.

Other major sponsors include Gold Rush and Megazone radio along with other local Chatsworth businesses. President of Child Welfare Chatsworth, Logan Naidu said, “Child Welfare Chatsworth (CWC) Charity Fair 2019 needs no introduction. It is no doubt that it is a premier social event in the calendar of the Chatsworth community.

“This is a symbolic year for Child Welfare Chatsworth as we are commemorating the 19th anniversary of our Charity Fairs. On this very significant milestone, we are proud and privileged to welcome the partnership with our major sponsor: The Gold Rush Foundation.’’
Naidu added, “As we stand on the threshold of this exciting event we feel assured that the support from the business houses, corporates, schools, sponsors, volunteers, stallholders, government departments, etc. and community will be demonstrated when family and friends join us to be educated, enthralled and entertained by festivities of the fair while supporting a truly noble cause. For more details of this exciting event, watch the space in the Tabloid in the coming weeks.’’

The Child Welfare Chatsworth has been fighting against social ills in the community for many years. It is one of the largest non-profit organisations in Chatsworth and serves a population of approximately 500 000 people. The society has been at the forefront of ensuring justice for children and families in distress for over 40-years. The society provides many critical