The 43-year-old man believed to have raped his 10 year old stepdaughter over 900 times since the age of five, was denied bail in the Verulam Magistrates Court Friday morning (6 July).

The man was arrested by members of Reaction Unit South Africa on 12 June. Magistrate Irfaan Khalil remanded the accused to the Westville Prison in the interest of the witnesses safety. “I am not satisfied that there are exceptional circumstances present for the applicant to be released on bail. There is a likelihood he will evade his trial and intimidate the child if he is released.” said Khalil

Khalil postponed the matter to August 23 for further investigation.He will remain in custody at the Westville Prison.

The investigating officer Warrant Officer Nevarge Lutchminarain informed the court that the accused had threatened the child and RUSA officers in the presence of four police officers.

“The suspect is facing ten charges relating to sexual crimes with a child. Porn videos, sex toys were found at his home. The state also alleged that the stepfather forced the child to watch him have sexual intercourse with another woman and that he forced the child to perform oral sex on him. Medical Reports submitted has confirmed that the child was penetrated. A part of a Protection Order issued by the Pinetown Court in 2015 was read out. In the application for the order the ex girlfriend of the accused stated that she feared for her life and the life of her mother after the man had repeatedly threatened to take her to a remote place and kill her,” said RUSA’s Prem Balram.

Members of the IFP and the DA protested outside court as the matter got underway.