Statistics SA, indicated in a recent report that appropriately 14 to 15 million people in South Africa go to bed hungry each night and these numbers are rapidly growing. Food security is essential, especially in the schools and where there are communities of children. Food for Life SA, currently has over 20 branches nationally, and the Food for Life Children’s Projects is one such branch that operates under this national structure.

The main aim of the FFL Children’s Projects is to combine education and nutrition as a kind of hand in glove approach to poverty alleviation. Manager of the project, Divesh Maharaj, who also holds a qualification in nutrition from the University of South
Africa as well as a Teaching Certificate in Technology Education, indicated that education is the key to poverty alleviation and the FFL Children’s Projects is committed to this strategy. In 2018, many educational programmes were hosted by FFL Children’s Projects in the greater Chatsworth area.

Many of these were hosted at the Woodhurst Multicultural Centre, which was used as a central venue for inviting the surrounding schools. Stationery packs were also distributed throughout the year and there are plans to distribute more books and files, etc during the course of this year. The project also supported various library programmes as well as awareness drives hosted by other NGO societies. FFL also provides weekly meals for about 30 schools in the greater Chatsworth and Merebank areas. Maharaj indicated that the funding for FFL comes from ordinary persons in the community who support the ethos and values of FFL.

A regular newsletter of the months activities is complied and sent out to all donors. The project also supports almost all of the various Children’s Homes in the greater Durban area as well as créches and play-centers. For further details you can e-mail,