Umlazi FCS members with clothes and food for abandoned and abused children
Sbo Ngcobo and Lt Col Mkwanazi

Umlazi Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences (FCS) gathered together to honour Sbo Ngcobo. She always has an open door policy with the FCS members when they need a safe, warm and happy home for abandoned and abused children. The Umlazi FCS went on a fundraising drive and collected clothing and food items for Ngcobo’s home.
Since taking care of the little ones can be taxing, they gave Ngcobo a voucher, so for a change she could pamper herself by having a facial treatment, her hair done and etc.

Lt. Col Ntombifuthi Mkhwanazi said: “No matter what time of day or night it is, Ngcobo always opens her home for a child that needs a safe place. We are grateful to her for showing tremendous compassion towards the little ones.”

Ngcobo said: “I was taken from my home when I was only seven-years-old. I was passed from one family to the next. In the process, I was also sexually assaulted. This is the reason I take in abused and abandoned children, because I know what a tough life is all about. Every child deserves love and care.”

Ngcobo started and opened up her home to abandoned and abused children since 2007, it has been 10 years of fostering many children. She also looks after her family members who are sickly and cannot work anymore. She ensures they take their treatment every day and are looked after.

The home is constantly in need of food, baby clothes, nappies, baby formula, cutlery and crockery daily. One of the necessities that is a desperate need is that of a fence to be put around the house to ensure more safety for the family and children.

If any company or community member wants to assist and help in any way possible, they can contact the home on 083 529 6720.