Reverend Michael Appana (69) and his beautiful wife, Saroj Appana (67) recently celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary with an intimate family dinner at their cosy Mount Edgecombe home.

Speaking to The Phoenix Tabloid about their long lasting love, the couple said that they met years ago while working at the same company. “When I first meet Saroj, I knew immediately that she will become my wife. She is the most beautiful lady ever. I loved her from the first day I met her and still love her even more,” said Rev Michael.

Saroj said when she met her husband, she thought he was the most handsome man ever. ” His sense of humility and humbleness caught my attention,” she said.

The Appanas wed after courting for two years, on 29 May 1971. Their wedding ceremony was held at the Dabee Centre Sungum Hall in Durban and catered for 300 people. “Whatever problems that may come our way, we always work through them together. We have respect and a mutual understanding for each other, most importantly we’ve always supported each other through the good and tough times. We pray together, humble and God fearing,” Rev Michael said.

During her leisure time, Saroj enjoys cooking, baking, spending time in prayer, supporting the communities that are in need and runs the Women’s Ministry at Global Outreach Ministries. Rev Michael who is a pastor of Global Outreach Ministries, in Woodview, enjoys serving the community, praying for the sick and helping the poor and needy. He also enjoys gardening and reading. The couple also enjoys a 5km daily morning walk to keep fit and healthy.

The Appanas are blessed with a beautiful family which they love and adore. “We are blessed with a son, Lawrence and daughter-in-law, Anisha, our amazing daughter, Marlene and son-in-law Steven, and the apples of our eyes, our beautiful granddaughter, Kate-Lyn and handsome grandson, Shaylin. We love and cherish our family,” they said.

Their advice for a long lasting marriage is, always pray together as a couple. Love and respect each other and be patient and understanding towards each other.