Whilst police are striving to fight crime in the Phoenix area, yet another community member has opted to waste police resources by opening a false case of carjacking at the local police station.

Phoenix SAPS communications officer, Cpt L Naidoo said,
“On Sunday, 24 September, a man arrived at SAPS Phoenix and alleged that he was robbed of his motor vehicle thus opening a charge of Carjacking.

He alleged that he was throttled and had his hands tied and was taken in his vehicle.
He added that he was later dropped off from his vehicle and left on the side of the road. He claimed that whilst he was seated on the side of the road, he spotted his vehicle and stopped a security vehicle and asked for assistance in getting his vehicle back. He managed to retrieve his vehicle and reported the matter to the police. Investigations later revealed that the said complainant had lied about the carjacking and was charged for defeating the ends of justice.”

“Opening of false cases results in unnecessary police resources being used in order to investigate a matter. Time and resources are spent on a false case where as there are more serious positive cases that require police attention. Refrain from such irresponsible practices or face the consequences meted out by the law,” Cpt Naidoo added.