The Cannabis Convention KwaZulu-Natal (CannaCon KZN) takes place from 3 to 5 May 2019 at the Northwood Crusaders Sports Club.

This event will provide a platform for companies or individuals who are involved in the burgeoning cannabis and hemp industry to showcase their products and trade and will also feature industry related activities and products in an exhibition format. The stalls will be housed in marquees, gazebos and Bedouins it so will have a natural open area feel. As a showcase of the versatility and potential of the blooming cannabis industry, CannaCon KZN presents an opportunity of an unprecedented scale for all stakeholders – but in line with present legal frameworks, it will not feature the selling of raw cannabis.

There will be daily talks for to the public to attend on subjects ranging from the diagnosing of physical ailments and the cannabis-related treatments available to assist and alleviate ailments. These talks will also include topics on the role of cannabis in saving the natural world through hemp and medicines, the positive and negative effects of decriminalization and a range of other subjects that will help create clarity in an area of growing interest. The team involved in coordinating this convention, are all passionate about the potential of the cannabis plant, and the many ways in which its renaissance can bring about positive change for individuals and for society as a whole. For example, biofuel made from the plant is renewable and could help solve the world’s energy crisis.

Oils made from the active ingredients can alleviate the symptoms of a wide range of diseases from cancer to multiple sclerosis – and last but not least, hemp is an extremely strong and durable material and textile that can be used in the manufacture of clothing, bio degradable plastics, among other things.

“An event such as this is way overdue in KZN and we need to highlight cannabis in a positive way as opposed to the negative stigma as it has had in the past”, says exhibition director Krithi Thaver. No under 18’s will be allowed to attend.