A meeting for illegal tenants who are occupying council housing rental dwellings in the Phoenix area was recently held by the Human Settlements Unit at the Shastri Park Community Hall, in Phoenix.

Ward 50 councillor, Maggie Johnson, said, “More than 35 illegal tenants were interviewed by officials from the Human Settlements Unit to be considered for allocation. Illegals in occupation of council housing rental dwellings from 1 July 2007 may be considered for allocation of the flats that they currently occupy provided that they satisfy certain qualifying conditions. Council will make the
final decision on each individual’s case on the qualifying criteria.”

To accommodate working couples and those who could not attend the meeting, another meeting is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 17 November, at Shastri Park Library from 11am to 1pm.

“Residents attending the meeting are urged to carry the identity documents of occupant and spouse, children’s identity documents or birth certificates, a marriage certificate, final order of divorce or death certificate, the latest payslip, letter from employer confirming gross monthly earnings, proof of income as at date of illegal occupation and any documents as proof of occupancy,” said Johnson.

She added, “All illegals who fail to respond to this invitation or call at the Phoenix Rent Office before 30 June 2019, will not qualify for this offer and will face eviction from the premises as per council.” For more information contact Councillor Maggie Johnson on 082 339 2789.