The rate of pedestrians being run over in Verulam continues to raise concerns for the police and other officials. Police are at the same time appealing to motorists to reduce their driving speed and for pedestrians to exercise more caution when crossing the road.

This comes after another pedestrian was hit on Hazelmere Rd in Canelands last Thursday.

“We are very concerned about the high rise of pedestrians being killed on our roads everyday, we are begging motorist to decrease their speed especially in residential areas and in busy roads where pedestrians cross. We also ask for pedestrians to check before crossing the road if it is safe,” said Verulam SAPS communications officer Captain Henry Kisten.

Members of Reaction Unit South Africa were called out to the scene of the incident. “Upon arrival they were met with the man’s body lying across the road. Medics assessed him and found that he had sustained an extensive head injury which resulted in his death at the scene. A wheel barrow and a bag containing used metal cans were found next to the deceased. The vehicle involved in the accident fled the scene,” said Rusa’s Prem Balram.