We have flamboyantly ushered in the New Year. The clock continues ticking, seconds become minutes that transform to hours and days. At the strike of midnight on the eve of a New Year – hopes are high, fireworks brighten the sky and then we countdown to the start of a brand new calendar year. Resolutions are made and on the list for many are to loose weight, take on a new hobby, get better grades at school and the list continues. Too soon though are those New Year resolutions given up on. According to Forbes magazine, only 8% of New Year resolutions are kept and achieved with many giving up within the first quarter.

This is one of the reasons why I do not subscribe to a New Year resolution. I do not subscribe to the idea of a New Year, new you, I believe it is a process that can be started at any time with the most important being the follow-through. Yes, I have tried it in the past and have learnt that though we flip over the calendar to a brand new 12 month cycle, it is the mind-set that we create for ourselves is what really does matter. It was not over the New Year period, but for many months now that I have been contemplating and being more mindful and present on making self-care a priority. Mental health is so important, and with the busy days that I often face, keeping both mentally and physically astound is necessary.

December has past liked a flash and January is moving at the same pace. This January though is a special one for me as we celebrate a milestone within my family. We celebrate my parent’s golden wedding anniversary and what joy it brings to have them healthy and happy together for half a century. This has also made me reflect on how relationships have changed over the years. Some may not remember the days when the only means of telephonic communication was that of a land-line.

A phone that was fixed to a plug point, attached to a cord and long conversations meant sitting at the same spot to talk to the person on the other end does sound ancient. Perhaps, it was during those days that relationships were more meaningful, as this ensured that time and effort was placed to spend more quality time together instead of using quick and easy methods to connect. Might I add, these new found methods as convenient as it maybe, can lead to mis-communication, and words being lost in translation causing unnecessary strain between two people.

Time has changed so many things, or is it that so many things have changed over time. If you ponder over that it does work both ways, with the only constant being change. Whatever change one deals with the initial stint is difficult. However, it is our mind-set that will create either a negative or positive energy field in that particular sphere.

I choose to feed and grow positivity with pleasant thoughts and trash situations that disturb my consciousness. This is a mindful decision, one that I have had to remind myself of in order to accomplish it. Still too, I am not fully accomplished as mindfulness comes with practise and I am treading the path gently yet consistently. I make a conscious choice that the next 12 months on my calendar to be wondrous, and with whatever I have to tackle, I will do it mindfully.

Bring about joy in your life too, weed out the negative energy. There will certainly be ‘down days’ but it is certainly within your power to lift yourself up (without depending on anyone else to do so) your joy is your responsibility. Be less dependent on others to create this for you. Rather tap into your inner spirt and connect with yourself to understand what creates joy in your life – care for those aspects by continually allowing it to grow and thrive. May you too, have a marvellous and wondrous New Year, it is within your reach.

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