Phoenix police are investigating an attempted murder case after an irate boyfriend is reported to have fired shots at his girlfriend’s parents when her mum scolded her for returning home late from a dinner date, last Monday.

Police reports allege that the complainant, being the father, was at home waiting for the daughter to return when the incident unfolded. Reports allege that the boyfriend, his brother-in-law and the brother-in-law’s girlfriend were in the vehicle when the complainant’s daughter was shouted at by her mother. The boyfriend left in his vehicle when the argument ensued but was reported to have returned and pulled out a firearm. He is alleged to have fired three shots in the complaint’s direction before he drove off again.

No injuries were reported. The complainant is reported to have picked up the cartridges and drove to the police station where the incident was reported. The perpetrator was arrested by a Phoenix SAPS officer and faces a charge of attempted murder.