A couple suffered a terrifying ordeal when they were accosted by armed suspects whom they believed were Good Samaritans wo stopped to help them with their vehicle on the R102 in the vicinity of Whitehouse, recently.

Phoenix SAPS communications officer, Cpt L Naidoo, said, “The 35-year-old complainant was with his wife and driving his white VW Polo at about 10:30pm on the R102 towards Whitehouse when he stopped to check his vehicle as it was jerking in the heavy rain. A white VW Polo stopped in front of his vehicle and three men pretended to want to help him. One of the men then produced a firearm and grabbed the cellphone from the complainant’s hand.

The suspect proceeded to the passenger side of the vehicle and grabbed a handbag from the complainant’s wife. She was also robbed of her neck chain and wedding rings. The suspects further removed the complainant’s neck chain and his ring. They removed the car keys from the ignition and fled from the crime scene,” said Cpt Naidoo.

The items taken by the suspects include an assortment of high-priced cellphones and jewellery to the value of R120 000. The complainant was unable to view the suspects’ registration on the vehicle or identify them due to the darkness and rain. “There are marauding suspects at every turn. We urge community members to be alert and refrain from stopping in secluded areas.

If it is an unavoidable stop, please proceed to a fuel station or some place where it is busy for your safety and that of your passengers. Criminals are ruthless. They will not think twice about harming a victim or taking a life. Ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy before you embark on any kind of travel and if accosted, comply with the suspects for the sake of your life and your passengers,” said Phoenix CPF chairman, Umesh Singh.Phoenix police is investigating a case of robbery with a firearm.