“We all know the saying that Christmas is the season of giving and this Christmas, I would like to ask for our community’s support again this year to make Christmas 2018, a wonderful time for our Bless a Granny and Grandpa campaign,” said chairlady and founder of The Robin Hood Foundation, Cindy Norcott.

She said, this is their ninth year of running this project and when they started it, little did they know what an impact it would have on the thousands of elderly folks they visit every year-end.

“It is not just the gift that we deliver on your behalf but the time and attention, love and care that we bring to these old folk. Many of them are desperately lonely, not having visitors for months or years on end. Many feel abandoned due to children living far away or having emigrated. For many old folks, their lives are a daily financial struggle with their pensions not stretching enough to cover their increasing medical expenses. In their tight budgets, there is no money for sweets or treats or simple toiletries,” she said.

Norcott said some of the grannies and grandpa’s suffer from grief and trauma of losing their close friends and the pervasive feeling of loneliness is their daily reality. “For one day of the year, we bring some excitement in the form of delicious treats, entertaining music, jovial volunteers and
their much awaited gifts. At one visit, an elderly gent took my hand and said that this was the best day of his year and that he looked forward to our visit every year. Another lady told me that she had not had a “lucky packet” since she was a young girl but wanted to wait until Christmas Day, to open it as she knew it would be her only gift,” Norcott said.

The Robin Hood Foundation pleads to the community and businesses to be part of this heartwarming project by taking a wish list, encouraging staff, friends and family to do so, by coming along and giving the gift of their time. Kim Griffith Jones, co-ordinator for the Robin Hood Foundation said, “Our Bless a Granny and Grandpa campaign is in full swing. We are and have been visiting nearly 3000 grannies and grandpas in total since the beginning of November, and only have 329 personalised wish lists of these left to fill.Thanks to the incredible support of our communities.”

If you’d like to get involved and help to bring a smile to the face of the elderly this Christmas you can donate any of these items: lotion powder, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant or vaseline. You can contact the foundation by emailing: info@robinhoodfoundation.co.za.