It’s an uplifting feature that has changed the lives of thousands of East Coasters and touched the hearts of countless more, now The Big Favour moves to East Coast Radio Breakfast every Thursday at 07.40am.

Damon Beard, who is synonymous with the feature after having started it 14 years ago, will still host the segment.

The Big Favour helped 8 year old Samu get a prosthetic leg after her limb was amputated due to cancer

The Big Favour is a long running feature on the radio station which relies on the kindness and generosity of sponsors to assist deserving individuals and organisations with whatever their needs are. From building homes, to getting donors for basic necessities at a destitute old age home, to helping those with disabilities access wheel chairs, The Big Favour has helped facilitate giving on a massive scale.

“I do The Big Favour because I have the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives through incredible sponsors,” said Beard.

Damon said that one of the stories that touched him the most was the dying wish of a young boy who had cancer, His only dream was to stay in a hotel with his mom, dad and brother. Not a motorbike or overseas trip. Just one night in a hotel that most of us would take for granted. We arranged everything and he was spoilt beyond words. Hamburgers and milkshakes for dinner, the Penthouse to accommodate them, a trip up Moses Mabhida stadium and a visit to uShaka. Anything and everything he could have possibly wished for, he got. He passed away just a few weeks later.

The Big Favour will also be replayed in Beard’s show on Mondays at 10.20am.