Berea SAPS has issued an urgent warning to all Durban motorists and holidaymakers to avoid certain areas demarcated as ‘No Go’ areas by police following crime incidents in that vicinity.

Communications officer at Berea SAPS, Cpt PN Naidoo, said, “There is a taxi rank at the corner of Alice /Joe Slovo Street and Soldiers Way; including the street outside McDonalds, this area is very dangerous and members of the public are urged to avoid travelling to that vicinity.

The modus operandi used by the criminals in that area is up to 10 individuals run towards your vehicle, they smash the windows and take the keys out of the ignition. They then demand money and take whatever valuables including cellphones, laptops, handbags etc. that they can grab hold off. These suspects are armed.

Motorists waiting at traffic lights are often soft targets. This festive season, be very cautious and keep in mind that criminals are always observing your movements and may strike you when your guard is down. Be vigilant at all times. Lock away all your valuables in the boot of your vehicle. Please avoid this route and plan your movements using alternate routes. Avoid these roads, especially at night. We want all members of public to enjoy a safe festive season.”