This Woman’s Month, SAPS Malvern paid tribute to their legendary K9s who walk the thin blue line with their much loved partners.

In acknowledgement of the many successes that these brave hearts have garnered in the SAPS, Malvern police saluted the K9s many achievements with a little token of love to give thanks for protecting the community in the fight against crime. The presentation was executed at The Durban Central /uMlazi K9 Unit.

Malvern SAPS corporate communications officer, Radhika Marimuthu said, “The K9 Unit has breeds that are diversified and trained in many areas that compliment mainstream policing. The areas of detection are narcotic, explosive, carcass and hide, body fluid, tracking and apprehending of suspects, fire and search and rescue as well as gathering of sheep during stock theft. Despite the terrain and braving the elements, these K9’s under the control of their handlers walk the spoor sniffing out suspects in dense vegetation.
Marimuthu said that many lost their lives in the line of duty while some have served diligently to the very end. One such hero of the K9 Unit was K9 Terror who served with his handler, Sergeant K Naidu. This brave K9 served in the South African Police Service from 2005 to July 2016.

“When Terror was boarded, he had lost his sight in his right eye and his partner Sgt Naidu had to make his sad boarding call. It was with a lot of heartache that Sgt Naidu drove Terror out of the unit one last time. To Sgt Naidu, Terror was not just a K9, but a faithful partner of eight years. Together they climbed mountains, searched ravines, faced torrents, walked the spoor in sweltering heat and crossed the muddy paths in the torrential downpours. It was this very brotherhood that defined this bond of love, strength and friendship. The un-guaranteed journeys that they took often heaped successes not only for the K9 Unit but also for the nation. Terror was a symbol of why K9’s must be respected and applauded. This feeling of love for our SAPS K9’s are indicative of the spirit of brotherhood that exists in the SAPS,” said W/O Marimuthu.
“In culmination of Women’s Month and in magnanimous applause to our K9s, SAPS Malvern thought this to be a fitting tribute to them,” added W/O Marimuthu.
The acting station sommander of SAPS Malvern, Captain Ivy Kenneth reiterated their commitment to their partnership with the K9 Unit in keeping the community safe.