Newcastle’s own Zandi Gabela represented Newcastle, South Africa and Africa on an international platform when she participated in the International Mrs Transcontinental Pageant in Atlanta, USA last Saturday.

Titled ‘Beauty that inspires’, the pageant brings together women from across the globe who have instilled positive change within their communities.
Although a finalist in the competition, Gabela missed out on the title but did scoop the award for the Best Costume.

Her journey began when she won the Mrs Africa pageant held last year. Not long after she went on to compete yet again winning the Mrs Africa Trans-continental title. But the wins did not come easy.

Gabela had to build her portfolio over many months which comprised of charity drives, attending events and building a networking chain. The busy wife and mother did so while still juggling a full time job.

Ahead of the big pageant, Gabela together with her fellow participants from different parts of the world got the opportunity to tour a part of the US and enjoy engaging with the locals. Newcastle’s Gabela said the journey had been a life changing one, and expressed gratitude to her family, friends and well wishers.