Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa finalist Jo-Ann Barnwell believes strongly that the less fortunate must never be forgotten. Despite the rainy and bitter weather, The beauty queen spent her Wednesday morning last week feeding the homeless at the Parish of the Blessed Sacrament in Virginia.

The former ballroom dancer and qualified chef prepared the meals in partnership with Dr Broth. She told Durban North News that it warmed her heart to see how the people enjoyed the food that she had prepared.

“I was driving past the church last week and I saw people lining up, when I enquired, I found out that the church runs a feeding scheme so I thought why not bring a nutritious pot of food for them. I am used to doing this, when I was in Cape Town I used to feed the homeless every month. It is my way of giving back to my community for the support they have shown me throughout my journey of the Mrs Taylor SA competition,” Barnwell said.

Barnwell has also teamed up with Mpact Recycling, which is a sponsor of the pageant to weigh in the recycled paper and the proceeds will be ploughed towards the church’s feeding scheme.

“The church is a beacon of hope for the less fortunate. It is doing fantastic humanitarian work. The competition has afforded me the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others throughout my province and the community of Durban,” Barnwell added.

Danielle King from Mpact Recycling said the partnership with the Tammy Taylor Mrs SA pageant required that they work alongside the finalists in their respective communities. “The partnership is valuable as it spotlights the importance of recycling,” she said.

For many years now, the the church has been running this great outreach poverty alleviation programme. The feeding scheme takes place every Wednesday at 9am, the needy are given meals, bread, rolls and other items donated by Food Lovers Market.

Every now and then they give them Future Fife and tins of baked beans. There are also generous people who come to the church with a pot of warm food.

A recipient, Patrice Mouriace, said he got his meal at the church every Wednesday and they go a long way. “I am very grateful for the food. It has helped to keep me going,” said Mouriace.