Quick action by a motorist led to the citizen’s arrest of a robber. The Ladysmith resident chased after a foot-fleeing thief after he and his two accomplices attacked and robbed a pedestrian on Crowshaw Rd around midday today (Monday, 21 May).

The chase ended on Wills Road, after the bare-foot motorist jumped from his vehicle and rugby tackled the suspect.

“He stole from me”, said the victim to the Ladysmith Herald, pointing to the R600 in the suspect’s pocket. “That is my only money for the rest of the month,” said the man that was visibly shaken in the ordeal.

The motorist mange to wrestle the man to the ground and with the assistance of another resident, held the suspect under citizen’s arrest until the police arrived. The victim claimed that as the three men approached him, they hit him and pushed him to the ground before taking his wallet.

“I manage to keep my phone away from them and began screaming for help,” said the robbery victim. The motorist immediately gave chase, but lost two of the three as they headed down Crawshaw Rd.

“I saw everything including how they knock the man down to the ground,” said the bare-foot chasing motorist. The police who were called by the Ladysmith Herald’s reporter who was at the scene arrested the man and immediately began looking for the two other suspects.

According to reports, of the two other men, one was wearing a blue overall and the other a grey jacket.