Baby abandoned at Clayfield power box


Shocking footage of a woman abandoning a month-old baby girl behind a power box in Treadclay Road in broad daylight on Saturday has once again spotlighted the gross misconduct and neglect of babies in the Phoenix area.

In the space of less than a week, a baby and a foetus were abandoned in the highly populated suburb, following a spate of previous baby abandonment and dumping incidents.

Phoenix SAPS communications officer, Cpt L Naidoo, said, “A one month old baby was found at Treadclay Road and she was taken to Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital (MGMH) by myself and Sgt M Govender for a medical examination. Upon arrival at the hospital, the baby was denied admittance or treatment due to no social workers being on duty. We contacted Aroona Chetty of the Phoenix Child and Welfare Society as we needed urgent assistance due to the long delays. We proceeded with the baby to Zakhe Place of Safety in KwaDabeka but sadly, this institution was full and could not accommodate the little one. We were referred to a hospital in Mariannhill were the baby was admitted and was awaiting assessment by social workers. A case of child abandonment is under investigation at Phoenix SAPS.”

KZN VIP medics were called out to the Treadclay Road baby dumping incident initially by a client who requested assistance after discovering the abandoned baby. Spokesman for KZN VIP, Romano Naidoo, said, “A resident found the baby dumped behind the power box. Residents handed the baby over to KZN VIP medics who assessed the baby to be between three to four weeks old.

The baby was found to be healthy by medics but required a full medical assessment by doctors at a hospital and the baby girl was handed over to police.” “CCTV Footage has been obtained and shows a female abandoning the baby behind a power box before fleeing.