Hirsch’s uMhlanga’s monthly business networking morning held recently saw a variety of business owners and corporate employees coming together to network and exchange ideas.

Network Configuration’s directors, Iain Emerson and Wayne Erradu gave a run-down on the latest trends available for businesses in the IT sector. Once a month, directors hold IT workshops for their clients, and interested parties and  provide  proactive technology support and management that empowers people and businesses to achieve more and remove the frustrations around technology.

CEO of the company Emerson, gave some sound advice on the importance of keeping up with the new technology on the market, focusing on one application in particular, Office 365. Apparently, once you subscribe to office 365, you get over 290 applications to go with it. 

On the subject of artificial intelligence, Netconfig’s technical director, Wayne Erradu explained that it is the science of creating intelligent computer programs and machines in an attempt to mimic human levels of intelligence. “Artificial intelligence is used in virtually all businesses; in fact, you’re likely interact with it in some capacity on a daily basis,” explained Wayne.

“AI-equipped voice assistants are now powerful tools deeply integrated across entire ecosystems of channels and devices to provide an almost human-like virtual assistant experience. As AI technology becomes more sophisticated, virtual assistants will probably learn to take on even more complex tasks and work alongside their human colleagues ,” added Wayne.