Four ruthless armed suspects threatened to kill a Phoenix homeowner’s baby, when they stormed the Esselen Crescent residence in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Spokesman for Marshall Security, Kyle Van Reenen, said, “Just after 03h30 on Tuesday morning, Marshall Security Special Operations Team members together with Matrix vehicle tracking were activated to track a vehicle stolen from the Phoenix area north of Durban.

“The vehicle in question, a Renault Clio, was taken from a residence in Esselen Crescent after four suspects forced entry into the home confronting the homeowner. Armed with knives and a firearm one of the men threatened to kill the homeowner’s baby if he did not comply with their demands as they ransacked his home making off with his motor vehicle.”“The vehicle was tracked to a dirt road in the Amaoti area where four suspects were seen fleeing on foot. A search of the area was conducted, however, the suspects remain at large.”

“Several items confirmed to have been taken in the robbery were found in the vehicle. The scene was secured and handed over to the South African Police Services for further investigation and processing,” Van Reenen added.