Another injured monkey has been rescued. This time Reaction Unit South Africa attended to a call that a baby monkey was found on Bluecrane Place in Dawncrest last Thursday.

Reaction officers proceeded to the area at approximatley 8.45pm locating the home. “According to the homeowner, the monkey was found on the roadside and had suffered leg injuries,” said Rusa head Prem Balram. “Monkey Helpline was contacted and officers were advised to house the injured animal at the Rusa offices overnight until it could be fetched for rehabilitation in the morning.”

Balram said that it is believed that the monkey was shot with a pellet gun and then hit over the head with an object and as a result has lost vision in both eyes. “While in our care, reaction officers fed the animal and cared for it through the night. It cannot be confirmed if the animal was intentionally injured or whether it was run over by a vehicle,” said Balram.

Steve Smith from Monkey Helpline fetched the injured animal from the Rusa headquarters the following day. It was taken to a vet for medical attention. “We are appealing to the public to refrain from shooting these animals and rather contact Monkey Helpline for advice on ridding your area of these animals if they have become pests,” added Balram.