The Association for the Aged hosted a special event for the non-profit’s long standing volunteers at the Tafta Lodge last Sunday, 30 July.

Durban model, Julia Petersen, spent an afternoon at Tafta offering hugs and conversation to the residents at John Conradie House and Langeler Towers

The event took on the format of a special lunch. Every year the organisation brings its volunteers together to say thank you for reaching out to its residents.

Known as Tafta’s ‘Angels of Love’ these noble souls reach out in aid of hundreds of lonely senior citizens with a commitment of friendship to those who are most in need.

“For many elders, who have been abandoned by their families, old age signals a desolate reality one of loneliness, loss of independence and depression,” says Tafta. “Left to live the remainder of their days with little hope of a phone call or visit from loved ones, these often forgotten members of society harbor a longing to feel loved. Through the selfless service of local volunteers, residents are given the crucial ‘gift of love’,” said Femada Shamam, Tafta’s chief executive officer.

The volunteers visit Tafta’s old age homes frequently offering nothing more than their time, companionship and some welcomed conversation.

Volunteer Thomas Davis has been involved with Tafta since 1994. He says being a volunteer makes his life far more meaningful as he ages. Another, Dana Sorour, has been volunteering for the last four years, but her association with the organisation goes 17 years back when he mother Dee moved into one of the organisation’s residences.