Alencon Primary School was the excited recipients of R5000 given to them by the Goldrush Foundation recently. The staff, principal and learners, with the team from the foundation were present at the handing over of the cheque. The learners and staff were delighted by the donation. The Goldrush Foundation is at the forefront of making a difference in the communities in which it operates.

Neela Reddy from the Goldfish Foundation, “As part of its responsibility, we identify areas of need and help to make the environment much better,healthier, pleasant and neat for our learners in schools. At the moment, Goldrush focus is mainly on schools that have toilets and sanitary systems in a very poor condition. We do not want our future generations to be riddled with diseases which impedes their learning.”

Reddy added that the foundation is thankful
for being given the opportunity to assist local schools. She also thanked the principals and educators for their commitment towards collecting funds for the upkeep of their school. “We at Goldrush strive to make the children comfortable in their environment of learning and seeing the smiles and the sparkle in their eyes means a
lot to Goldrush, that it is a job well done. We
will try to assist Mr A Pillay in the future,’ said Reddy.