An abandoned hotel that was once a popular place in the neighbourhood is now derelict and has become a haven and hiding place for drug users.

The building on Silverglen Dr with its stripped razor wire fenced gate and long grass makes it impossible for someone driving pass to notice any unusual activity there until you take a closer look.

The onetime hotel has raised concerns with people who run businesses and who live in the area. Apart from the “sugar boys” it is also young woman who stroll the street of Silverglen. It is believed that they are selling their bodies in exchange for cash for drugs. The young men and women come from areas outside Chatsworth like uMlazi and Lamontville.

Speaking with The Chatsworth Tabloid, Steven Naidoo, a resident who took in one of the young men by giving him a “piece job” said: “I met this young man when he asked to cut my grass. As I spoke to him, I realised that he was very smart and grounded. It then made me wonder how he ended up in the streets. I asked him more about himself. He then told me that living on the streets was better than the condition back at home.

“I do not condone drugs and don’t think they are the solution to any of these given problems. In fact, if anything it makes the situation worse. Our kids need to learn to talk about things that are depressing to them in order for them to find peace and possibly assistance from willing people and organisations,” said Naidoo.

Reverend Selvan of the Emmaus Fellowship next to the abandoned building said that there were people who wanted to buy the place to transform it into a centre but were unsuccessful in locating its owners. Warrant Officer Collin Chetty said that this was the “first time” that this has come to his attention. “We will raise this in our upcoming meeting for further investigation,” he said.