In response to a personal experience, Hillcrest based mother Sue Barnes says the whole idea of making reusable pads and panties was born after her daughter came home with a letter requesting pad and panty donations for girls who had to missed some days of school because they were menstruating.

Founder of Subzpads Sue Barnes distributes some pads to learners at one of the schools

“It shocked me to see this letter and I asked myself, who doesn’t have sanitary pads. It then came to me that I had to do something to assist these girls. That was when I designed, developed and patented the Subz washable pads and panties,” said Barnes.

She said so far she has contributed over 150 000 packs of pads to school from her own pocket.

“I raise my own funds to donate the pads to the school girls. We get no government support and never have. We have distributed all over South africa and the response has been phenomenal,” she said.

Many would say the range is unhealthy and disgusting to use, however Barnes response is,”How can it be, its just blood and how can blood from inside your body be dirty, your skin on the outside of your body is dirtier.

“It is actually healthier for your body to use washable pads, as they contain no chemical and gels which are cancer causing toxins and they are Hypo-allergenic.”

Subzpads now comes in a wide range of menstrual pads, maternity pads, incontinence pads for men and women and nappies from babies through to adults.

Barnes said, “The range is certainly a convenience as you don’t have to buy pads or nappies, just keep washing and using,” she said. Barnes has identified a few schools and will be visiting them distributing free pads.