Cowies Hill residents, Jonno and his wife, Karen Rundle were shot and injured in an attempted carjacking in May and two months later, Karen is still in the hospital undergoing operations. While Jonno has made a good physical recovery, Karen had another operation and is back in ICU.

This has caused a huge strain in the family’s finances and they are appealing to the community to assist. At a community policing forum (CPF) meeting held last Tuesday, the residents watched a video of Jonno’s survival and were urged to assist the couple in this difficult time. The residents were told that Karen’s recovery could take six to eight more weeks as the bullet which struck her is yet to be removed.

A friend and business associate to the couple said they are in the wedding industry together and can confirm that Jonno and Karen and are going through a very rough time, financially, physically and emotionally.

The friend said, “An account for donations to assist the family was recently opened and anyone and everyone who wants to assist is welcome to do so.”

She said the funds deposited or donated to the account will be used towards rehabilitation, medical fees and other expenses the couple has to pay for in this difficult time. “The couple has had no sort of income for the past months and these monies will really be needed. It was very surprising and amazing to see the response from our friends in the wedding industry as many of them have already started opening their hearts, however, we are still appealing to the community to open up their hearts too,” she added.  

For more information on how to assist Karen and Jonno, contact Beulah on 082 921 6475 or email her on