Sometimes we tread through life wondering, where the road will take us. Hoping for some positive outcome as we pass our days, going about the motions of what we have to do. We often come to junctures where we have to make decisions or choices and some of these can be rather painful.

Too many people live unconsciously, taking whatever fork the road offers and then realise further down the road that they did indeed have a choice at that last fork, and for some reason made the choice to make ‘no choice’ which at that time seemed an easier option. I am not really one to shy away from important decisions, but do know the scenario of evaluating the situation before deciding on the best path.
I bring this back to the scene from the fairy tale of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ when Alice arrives at the crossroads and sees the cheshire cat at the top of the tree. She asks the cat where a particular road she points to will lead her and instinctively the cheshire cat enquires where is Alice headed. Alice replies, “Well, it doesn’t really matter.” Wisely the cheshire cat says, “In which case it doesn’t really matter which road you take.” This is such a simple conversation, in a fairy tale that makes for logical discussion. It is so important to make decisions on the path we wish to pursue. In order to do this, we need to map out a vision that we have for ourselves.

In order to map out this vision, you need to consider all that is important to you most importantly consider yourself. Do not allow anyone the opportunity to force decisions upon you. We need to map out our own path or journey to our ensure our individual success – the onus lies upon the individual to take charge of this decision. Yes, success is subjective and that is exactly the reason why each one of us has our own level of success. What is important is that you begin mapping out this journey with a goal or dream as your vision.

An interesting way to start this journey is with introspection. Take a moment and look back at the year that went by or perhaps even the past five years. Think about what brought joy to your heart, what allowed you to thrive and feel wonderful. Then on the flip side, consider those aspects that weighed heavily on you, brought you down, made you feel insecure or perhaps even lose confidence in yourself and your ability. This exercise will assist in guiding you towards the path you undertake. From a recent experience, I can vouch that it also becomes so much easier, and clearer when this exercise is shared with someone close to you, a person who you trust and someone who shares in your joy and success. The person you choose to share with needs to be your supporter, not someone who will negatively impact on your thoughts and confidence.

Choose your friends wisely, choose your circle with care and only then choose to share. Those close to you, who genuinely seek your well-being, will feed you the correct energy to think clearly, and act to pursue your dreams. Never underestimate the power of choice and reflection and the power that you have within yourself. Tap into the real you, a strong individual who has the courage to take bold steps, and make wise choices. Instead of continuing wandering through life like ‘Alice in Wonderland’ have a clear picture of what your individual innate being seeks, what sparks joy within yourself and pursue it. Do not doubt your ability and cherish those who uplift your spirit.