Baby Oreoluwa Uminathi Awokunle, will grow up to hear of her exciting and rather unusual birth from her mother, Noluthando Mdlalose, from Umlazi, who won a full birth package sponsored by Ahmed Al-Kadi Private Hospital for MamaMagic The Baby Expo 2017.

Baby Awokunle was born on Sunday, 5 November, at 10.30am and weighed 3.24kg.

The excited first-time mum won the Baby On Board prize just days after entering in August.

“At first when I entered the competition I didn’t think I was going to be selected as a finalist, but when I got the call to say I was selected as one of the 10 finalists, I just knew I was going to win,” said Mdlalose.

“I actually wanted to have my baby at Ahmed Al-Kadi but there was some medical-aid complications. I am so glad this worked out in the end, exactly what I wanted,” she said.

The prize includes an all-inclusive Maternity Package at Ahmed Al-Kadi Private Hospital, including hospitalisation costs and gynaecologist, anaesthesiologist’s and paediatrician’s fees.

(L-R) Suraiya Vaizie, Marketing Manager of AAKPH, Zaheera Kolia, Finance Manager of AAKPH, Noluthando Mdlalose, Niyi Awokunle carrying Baby Awokunle, and Linda Lomax, Nursing Services Manager of AAKPH

“I can’t believe that my baby is here and she came out of me. My prize included so many things that I will need for her as she grows. The treatment I received at the hospital was so good and I would compare the food to food that you get at a restaurant. I received attention even when I didn’t need any attention. I want to thank all the sponsors, especially Ahmed Al-Kadi Private Hospital and MamaMagic, this was a huge help to us” she said.

Father of baby Awokunle, Niyi Awokunle, was elated that the birthing costs was taken care of and expressed pure joy at the sight of his baby girl.”I am so excited,” he said.

The maternity package includes a 4D scan and baby’s first hearing screening. Every mum that delivers at Ahmed Al-Kadi Private Hospital also receives a Baby Womb World – Baby Ring Carrier, as a gift from the hospital.

The hospital prides itself on delivering excellence in healthcare.

“We are dedicated to ensuring that mums to be and their new-borns receive personal care before, during and after delivery as you take the first steps in this exciting journey of family building,” said Matron Linda Lomax the Nursing Services Manager at the hospital.

The Maternity Unit is under the care of Sr Kantha Naidoo whose knowledge and experience as a maternity sister became an integral part of the day-to-day running of the Unit.

“We are excited to have the opportunity of presenting and hosting the maternity prize for MamaMagic 2017. We place pride in our unit, not just as the birthing place of your baby, but also as your new family’s temporary home,” said Naidoo.