A motorist is currently fighting for his life after he lost control of his car while travelling down Shepstone Road, this afternoon, 11 February.

According to reports the driver lost control as he hit a pool of water before careening down a steep embankment at the Bellspruit Dam.

This is the eight incident to have been recorded on this stretch of road over the last three days. Blame for the accidents has been levelled at the pool of water that constantly accumulates at that point of the road.

In the latest incident the driver suffered serious injuries to the head. He was stabilised by paramedics before being taken to hospital.

Officials confirmed that the road there was always wet or had water and drivers tend to lose control when they reach the bend.

It is believed that the water has been flowing onto the road from a nearby construction site. A Public Safety official told the Ladysmith Herald that the company has already been warned about the water that was flowing on to the road and have been asked to attend to the problem.

RTI officials are asking motorists to exercise caution when driving there.