Emergency officials were called out early this morning to the scene of a a serious motor vehicle collision on the Tweedie / Howick main road. Although unconfirmed, reports from the scene allege that a fully loaded mini bus taxi impacted an empty bus head-on just before the N3 onramp.

Paramedics from Netcare 911, government and other private services including KZNEMS, Er24 and Midlands EMS attended to multiple patients, some entrapped in the wreckage.
The SAPS Search & Rescue as well as the Howick Fire & Rescue used the “Jaws of Life” to free occupants from the mini bus taxi.

4 passengers including the driver were declared deceased on the scene. Multiple patients including 1 critical were transported to various hospitals for further assessment and care.

Howick SAPS were on scene and will investigate further.