19-year-old Preneshnee Moodley is the driver of the ‘Hand Print Chatsworth’ campaign. The Chatsworth resident has started a clean up Chatsworth campaign and has gathered peers and keen members of the community to join her in improving and tidying the community.

The clean up that began in early December targeting units 7,9 and 11 is planned to extend to the rest of Chatsworth as they receive
more help. “I wanted to start this after exams, litter, especially plastic is harmful to the environment, it contaminates water, invites rodents and kills sea cultures. Throughout my life I’ve been hearing about global warming, climate change, more frequent natural disasters, we have the potential to help save our beautiful planet. Chatsworth really needs our help” said Moodley.

The campaign will be running till the end of January and plans to expand into tree planting. The Hand Print Chatsworth team is making
an appeal to all members of the community interested in helping with the clean up to contact Preneshnee on 063 777 4901.