Women are warned to be careful when waiting for transport at the roadside as this leaves you vulnerable to lurking bag snatchers.

Phoenix SAPS communications officer, Cpt L Naidoo, has warned the public on behalf of management, after two women were recently robbed of their handbags in separate incidents, with the suspects making a clean getaway. “On Wednesday, at about 9.45am, the complainant alleged that she was at Central Park opposite the Phoenix Plaza waiting for her friend when she was approached by an unknown man who pushed her to the ground and robbed her of her hand bag which contained her wallet, cards and cash of R600. The suspect then fled the scene.

“Meanwhile, in another incident which occurred at about 6.15am, the complainant alleges that she was standing on Strandbrook, Brookdale, waiting for transport when someone grabbed her bag from behind. The bag contained a cellphone, wallet and other items all to the value of R11, 290. The suspect then fled and the complainant was unable to see what the suspect looked like,” Cpt Naidoo said.

“A warning to the members of the public, kindly refrain from standing alone near the bushy areas as this leaves you vulnerable to criminals. You need to take cognizance of this warning and stand in a safe enclosed area for your own protection,” added Cpt Naidoo.