By Janice Pillay

“He then knocked her and drove over her back and forth, over four times whilst dragging her on the road…”

A mere two days after Women’s Day, a Woodhurst mother-of-three was brutally killed when her daughter’s boyfriend allegedly repeatedly drove over her outside her home.
Forty-three-year old creche teacher, Salma Bibi Sheik Haniff was mowed down and her body dragged into the street by a 23-year old man who was allegedly forcibly leaving home with her daughter in his Toyota Run X on Friday evening, 11 August. Her husband Afzal Sheik Haniff tried to intervene and he too was knocked down and is now fighting for his life in hospital.

Police and residents at the scene of the murder in Woodhurst

Speaking to The Chatsworth Tabloid, a close relative who wishes to remain anonymous stated that the suspect had been dating his niece for about four months. “They had an argument about a phone call. He was possessive and wanted proof of who and what time she called the person. He then arrived at the home at about 7:30pm and started arguing with her which continued onto the road. He then forced her into his car and began to drive off,” alleged the family member.

“Her mother attempted to remove her daughter from the car but he continued driving and squashed the mother between another car and his car door. He then knocked her and drove over her back and forth, over four times whilst dragging her on the road. When her husband went to save her, he was also knocked and driven over about three times. Many neighbours and passers-by who noticed the scene tried to stop the vehicle by aiming stones. The suspect then crashed into a nearby wall before fleeing the scene

“The ambulance arrived after an hour but Salma had been struggling to breathe and succumbed to her injuries.

Her husband sustained broken hands, a dislocated shoulder, broken ribs, spinal injuries as well as deep gashes on his head and face,” alleged the relative.

Buried on Saturday, according to the Muslim rites she was described by her friends and family as a ‘kind-hearted soul’.

“Salma was a wonderful person. She was like a mother to all of us. She was apart of our family for 23 years and had no problems. She was a person who never refused to offer her assistance in times of need. Salma was very family orientated and loved her children,” said a relative.

Chatsworth SAPS Communications Officer Captain Cheryl Pillay confirmed the incident. “On Friday, 11 August, police responded to the scene on Planet Avenue, Woodhurst. On arrival at the scene, police found a female (43) lying on the road who had succumbed to her injuries. It is alleged that the deceased was run over by the accused while attempting to rescue her daughter who was being assaulted. One other family member was also seriously injured during this incident and has received medical attention,” said Pillay.

Captain Pillay further stated that on Sunday, 13 August, one suspect aged 23 was arrested by investigators of SAPS Chatsworth. “The accused is currently under police guard at a local hospital. The accused will appear at the Chatsworth Magistrates Court in due course on charges of murder, attempted murder and reckless and negligent driving,” said Pillay.