Emnambithi TVET students closed down their head office situated Murchison Street this morning, (18 April). The students who are demanding answers for their allowances not being paid as yet, tried to remove staff from their offices saying that nobody would be allowed to work.

They claim that Ezakheni and Estcourt students received their allowances by Ladysmith students have not.

One TVET student said that they were tired of empty promises. “I cannot understand why can we not get straight answers from the head office. Why have they not received their money?

“We use the allowances to help us with transport and things needed for our studies. We will shut down everything, if we have too”. The students told the Ladysmith Herald that would close down the college if they get no solutions or any answers.

Another student claimed that they have to get “blessers” to help them get to college as they lived far away and needed transport.

Some claimed that they have been waiting for student allowances since 2016.