“We want the safe and the gold!” These were the words uttered by three gun-wielding suspects who robbed a 79-year-old Lotus Park gran and her three grandsons at their home last Saturday.
Speaking to the Southern Star, the homeowner, who opted to remain anonymous, said, “Three suspects, one of who brandished a gun, entered my property whilst my family was inside. They pointed a gun to my 15-year-old son and ordered him and my youngest son to proceed to the kitchen where my mum was. My eldest son raced to the room in an attempt to get to the panic button but one of the suspects followed him. The suspects gathered my family in one room and demanded for the safe and gold.”
“The robbers covered my family with a mattress whilst they ransacked my house. They stole a flatscreen TV, an iPad, cellphone and my mum’s mangal sutra and thali (traditional Hindu jewellery). At this point, the fourth suspect reversed the vehicle into my yard so that he and his accomplice could store the items and make a quick getaway. They did have sufficient time to get all of that done before they fled. My son then pressed the panic button and our security provider and police responded,” said the distressed homeowner.
It is believed that the suspects arrived in a silver VW Polo and was possibly surveying the residence before they struck. The Lotus Park resident said she and her husband had left and shortly after the robbery ordeal occurred.
“My mum and my sons were very shaken up after the incident but by God’s grace they are coping with the events that took place. I urge residents to please ensure that their doors and gates are secured when there are children and elderly people in the house,” the upset mum added.
Local security company, Alpha Alarms responded to the scene and spokesman, Seshin Govender said, “This is very unsettling for an elderly grandmother and young children to have experienced. We are pleased that none of the occupants of the house were injured during the robbery. Sadly, the elderly and youth are soft targets for prowling criminals. They strike at free will. We urge that residents be security conscious and keep gates, doors and windows locked. Security systems must be tested and activated upon departure or closure for the night.
Teach family members and domestic workers or maintenance employees to be security conscious and adhere to the measures in place for the safety of all occupants in the house. Report suspicious persons or occupants in unknown vehicles that appear to be up to no good to your security service provider or the local police.”
SAPS were on scene and will investigate further.