“The failed Revenue Management System (RMS) that was introduced by the eThekwini Council for utility billing, has not only left residents frustrated but has now left the workers at the Phoenix Sizakala Rent Office demotivated to attend work,” said Councillor, Lyndal Singh.

Councillor Lyndal Singh with irate residents at the Phoenix Rent Office

According to Cllr Singh, a pattern has been noticed that on the 6th and 7th of every month, which are the busiest days for account payments, staff from the Phoenix office would take leave as they would not want to deal with the influx of crowd and the endless queries from residents.

“The workers are bearing the brunt of the RMS system and residents hold them responsible. This is not fair on the workers as the crisis stems from the system itself and is not a fault of the local centres. We understand the frustration of the residents as the exorbitant bills and constant disconnection of electricity is not something that residents can cope with any longer. Council needs to realise the overall strain that the RMS system has caused, and especially with the ever increasing cost of living,” said Cllr Singh.

“Residents are still suffering with hefty municipal bills due to the change of the billing system. The municipality continues to use the multi-million rand flawed RMS system to bill residents and estimated consumptions exceed normal household usage on a monthly basis.

“Despite residents paying their accounts on time, they are still disconnected and some residents don’t receive their electricity bills on time due to the RMS system which leads to the build-up of longer queues at the Sizakala centres,” added Cllr Singh.

In an effort to avoid being disconnected, Cllr Singh said that residents can now fill a dispute form at the Sizakala centres and have their matters attended to. “Whilst the dispute is being attended to, one’s electricity will not be cut until the dispute is resolved. I urge residents not to fill the Credit Authority agreement form as this does not guarantee that your electricity wonít be cut. Should residents receive no joy from the Sizakala centres, they can contact their respective ward councillors for further queries,” concluded Cllr Singh.