A three-year-old toddler sustained various injuries when he plunged from the third storey of a flat balcony at the corner of Broad Street and Victoria Embankment and landed on the pavement on Tuesday morning.

A security officer found the child on the pavement and alerted personnel to intervene and mobilise medical assistance.

According to a well-informed source who wished to remain anonymous, the Zimbabwean family who resides at the flat allegedly left the child unsupervised in the flat.

“The toddler made his way on to the balcony and jumped from there in a bid to get downstairs.

“The parents left him and went out. Emergency medical services were called and EMRS paramedics responded to the scene and transported the child to hospital.

“Police were also on site. At that point, the mother quickly rushed to the scene,” the source said.

“This child has been left unsupervised before and the parents were advised to refrain from such a practice. Children are curious and will attempt anything.

It is sad that this little boy is injured because of his parents’ negligence,” claimed the source.