It was the KZN VIP team masquerading as angels of mercy when they broke down the door of a pensioner’s home and rescued her and a Down Syndrome woman after the duo were locked in the house with no food and water for two days in Shastri Park, on Sunday.

KZN VIP spokesman, Romano Naidoo, said, “A concerned neighbour called in and stated that the two women appeared to be locked inside the house and were calling for help. The neighbour went to check on the pair after they were not seen or heard for two days. KZN VIP Security and Medical Teams rushed to the premises and after attempts to enter the house proved unsuccessful, they broke down the door when they heard cries for help.

“Once inside the house, paramedics found a 68 year old woman on the floor, unable to move. It was established that the victim had fallen down and was rendered immobile. The seriously injured victim was also severely dehydrated and being frail was unable to shout loud enough for help. VIP Medics together with EMRS then stabilised her, before VIP Medics rushed her to hospital. The Down Syndrome woman was found collapsed on the bed and she was also treated for dehydration and handed in to the care of neighbours.”

“We commend EMRS Medics for their assistance on scene and the concerned neighbours are also thanked for their vigilance and quick action that resulted in the rescue of the two women,” said Naidoo.