The third leg of the Masters Volleyball Tournament recently took place at the DUT Fred Crookes Sport Centre.

The tournament was coordinated by Vinesh Seeban from Apolla VC, Rakesh Chokay from Arena Park VC, Rowen Valaitham from Dolphins VC, Michael Jacobs from Sporting Club Meadow, and Ajith Maganlal, President of CDVA.

Speaking on the aim of the tournament, Maganlal said, “The idea of the tournament was to bring the sport of volleyball back to life in Chatsworth, to entice and display to the youth how volleyball is played by the ‘old ballies’ and create a level field for the youth to play on. It’s been far too long that this code of sport has eluded the Chatsworth community.”

The winners of the tournament were Tongaat’s Libetre VC, with Tongaat Legends winning in the female division.

At the event, past players were honoured for their contributions to the sport both on and off the field. Some of the players honoured were Marci Harold, Nad and Kamala Nair, Size and Desiree Vardhan, Beverly Peters, Veeran Singh, Anand Sookraj, Rueban Paul, Premmie Jeeva, and Peter Gumil.

Prior to the tournament, the ABH Children’s Homes were identified as a benefactor, and a toy run which was conducted. Players, spectators, and the general public participated in the toy run, and all proceeds will be handed over to the homes.

The CDVA would like to re-ignite the sport in the community, and interested persons are encouraged to contact Ajith Maganlal on 073 819 8259.