Glenwood High Interact boys spread a little cheer when they visited the Makabongwe Pre-school in Berea.

A day of hugs and love was shared between the kids of Makabongwe Pre-school and Glenwood High boys

Makabongwe helps underprivileged preschool children by providing quality early childhood education. The boys generously gave their time to the kids who were delighted to be in the company of the Glenwood High learners.

Makabongwe was started by a small group of women from Manning Road Methodist Church who felt that no child should be illiterate.

In September 2015 they celebrated 20 years and have watched the pre-school grow from 15 children sitting on pieces of cardboard on the pavements to classrooms with bright posters and artwork covering the walls, a playground full of joy and staff equipped to give children the education they deserve. The children had a fun day with the Glenwood High boys.

Pictured is a Glenwood High boy dressed up as Santa Claus for the kids at Makabongwe Preschool