Durban North resident and volunteer Erica Balouza with her mkhulu

After months of planning and with community support, November saw the Chairlady of The Robin Hood Foundation, Cindy Norcott’s vision of a “free market” come to life in EMBO community hall for 200 gogos and mkulus from the local community as highlighted by Carol Shroeder by the Twinkle Star Foundation.

Joined by a great team of volunteers from all over Durban, a marquee was set up outside the hall and the morning began with the gogos and mkulus being treated to some live music by Rene Tshiakanyi as well as some delicious snacks and a hot cup of tea donated by CHEP and Boxer.

In groups of 30, they were then met at the door by their very own “personal shopper” that helped them choose from thousands of donated clothing items and accessories.

Says, Kim Griffith Jones, co-ordinator: “These elderly folk could hardly contain their excitement – our volunteers helped them to fill their big Robin Hood bags until they could not even close and then – just before they left, an extra little gift – a food hamper to take home for their families.

“Our most humble and grateful thanks to all the amazing volunteers who helped and showed such love and respect for these elderly folk as well as with the months of sorting and packing that went into today’s event,” said Griffith.

Robin Hood still has over 20 projects before the end of December. If you would like to get involved, email

Shivanie Naidoo and her Gogo trying on hats