The moment you set eyes on New Polo, you’ll see that every inch has been carefully considered to bring you a vehicle with charisma at every curve. From front to back, New Polo features a masculine arrow-shaped tornado line.

This distinct new design line cuts a dash along the side of the car, from the indicators all the way to the rear lights. This structures the car’s side profile, forming a strong shoulder section that gives New Polo a bolder presence than before. The chrome trim and dark red tail lights in the bumper underline its sporty and elegant appearance, accentuating New Polo’s key characteristics. With its contemporary design, New Polo will inspire you to go from the dull, grey office rug to Hollywood’s red carpet.

True confidence comes from within.  That is why the new Polo features Volkswagen’s new generation TSI engines with start-stop technology and regenerative braking. With improved power and torque output, Polo can achieve maximum torque even at low speeds, allowing the driver to go from 0 to confident in no time. To create a car that inspires drivers to go beyond their limits, the VW design team pushed beyond their own limits. From the steering wheel to the completely redesigned dashboard that ensures optimal line of sight for critical information, every inch of Polo’s interior has been designed to create a space that inspires and ignites the driver.

The interior can also confidently expand with the car’s split folding rear seats, larger boot and variable load floors that make the rear space flexible and practical.  The optional, wider opening panoramic sliding sunroof and tinted glass with a high-quality roller blind prove the possibilities are endless with Polo.

Step into a modern world with Polo’s innovative App-Connect feature and Active Info Display. Whether you want to make phone calls, listen to your favourite music or navigate to an exciting destination, New Polo connects you to the world like never before. The classic analogue display component can be replaced with a crystal clear 26cm (10.25”) screen, personalised to display information that
goes far beyond speed and fuel gauge. Travelling to your destination will be a breeze and with Parallel Park Assist (selected models), parking will be too. The revolutionary feature means Polo can practically park itself, cleverly steering into the tightest of spaces at the touch of a button, while the driver maintains control.

The new Polo boasts an incredible array of safety features, raising the segment to a whole new level. The optional rear-view camera allows any obstacles behind – even moving ones – to be more visible, making reversing safer and easier thanks to unmatched technology built into the boot. The park distance control with manoeuvre braking constantly monitors the distance around the car and automatically activates the brakes if it is approaching a stationary vehicle while manoeuvering. Optional blind spot detection sees what you do not, helping you to avoid objects outside of your line of sight.

LED daytime running lights are standard, with optional LED headlights that feature larger light volume, longer durability and daylight-like light spectrum with a lower energy requirement, giving New Polo the ability to see and be seen more by other vehicles.