Tortured and robbed, Joshua Pillay, is in a coma in hospital

Whilst 64-year-old Dessertpalm resident, Joshua Pillay, fights for his life in hospital, two teen suspects believed to be linked to the brutal assault of the elderly man and the robbery at his house, have been denied bail and are remanded in police custody.
Phoenix police are probing a house robbery and attempted murder case after Pillay’s son, Trevor Williams, returned home with his family to find his father unresponsive and brutally assaulted. It was Williams eight-year-old son who excitedly called out to his granddad and found him lying on the floor with an open injury to his neck.
Phoenix SAPS communications officer, Cpt L Naidoo said, “The complainant returned home to find the lounge door and gate wide open with blood on the floor. He followed the blood trail to the bedroom where he found his father badly injured and lying on the floor next to the bed. The complainant noticed an open injury to his father’s left side of the neck. His father was still breathing but not speaking.”
Cpt Naidoo added, “An ambulance was called and SAPS was notified. The victim was stabilised by emergency services and transported to hospital in a critical condition. A Samsung laptop and two Telefunken tablets were discovered to be missing and are believed to be valued at R9 000.”
Two suspects, both 18 were arrested shortly after the heinous incident, through the assistance of CCTV footage.
Ashley Veerasamy of StonePark and his girlfriend, 18-year-old Abigal Pillay of Quilpalm allegedly stated that they never intended to harm Joshua Pillay, whom they knew.
Speaking to the Phoenix Tabloid, Trevor said, “My dad was tortured by the suspects. They hit him with the spade on his head resulting in severe head trauma. They used a serrated knife and cut him on his cheek and above his eyes and forehead. The blades broke off from the handles. One blade was found in my dad’s shoe and the other on some clothes on the cupboard. The spade was placed upright against the wall.”

Police and community members outside the Pillay residence where the attack unfolded

A distraught Trevor added, “It is heartbreaking for us because my dad knew his attackers. They greeted him when they passed by. We do not know why they did this to him. He is a loving, friendly, helpful man. We are devastated by this attack on my father. My mum is shattered. The doctors are not very hopeful of his recovery. He is in a comatose state. My dad needs a miracle to survive.”
In an interview with the Phoenix Tabloid, deputy chairman of CPF Sector 5 and community activist, as well as a resident in the vicinity, Mervin Reddy said, “I contacted the SAPS sector 5 manager, Captain Reddy, and informed him that my home was fitted with CCTV cameras that record 24 hours a day. I further informed police that another resident who lives in close proximity to the Pillay’s home also has CCTV cameras and could possibly have recorded the perpetrators entering Dessertpalm as my cameras at the bottom would have picked up the perpetrators leaving the Pillay home through the bottom end of Dessertpalm.”
He added, “Under the command of Col Rajak, the footage was viewed and the suspects were identified as teenagers from the area. They were subsequently traced to their homes and placed under arrest. They were questioned in connection with the alleged incident and after informing them of the CCTV footage, they admitted to being at the Pillay home and took Col Rajak and his team to the local spaza shop where they sold the laptop and cellphone they had robbed Joshua Pillay of after bludgeoning him on the head with a spade leaving him for dead.”
Reddy said, “Ashley admitted to going outside and smoking dagga and they admitted that they sold the stolen items for R300. It is believed that both teens are drug users. Joshua’s grandson is still traumatized by the incident as he actually discovered his grandfather in that bloodied and injured state. I, together with the Pillay family, would like to thank Col Rajak and Captain Reddy together with W/O Chandra and W/O Chetty for investigating and arresting the suspects within 30 minutes of viewing the CCTV footage.”