The Association for the Aged (Tafta) is launching the Winter Warmth Drive to help combat the ill-effects of winter on the vulnerable elderly population.

“While winter is a testing time for most, it is particularly strenuous for vulnerable elders who are faced with increased incidence of physical ailments in the colder months” explained Tafta CEO Femada Shamam. “For the elders in our care and those in the communities we reach out to, the winter months bring an increased sense of isolation. For elders who can barely afford increased utility bills, warm winter clothing and bedding, a plate of hot, nutritious food that helps fight common winter ailments such as the ‘flu, is considered a luxury,” said Shamam. Tafta Kings Hall resident, Rachel Chetty, is actively supporting Shamam in the organisation’s drive to bring awareness to the plight of elders over the winter period. “As an older person, I’ve seen how many of my friends have suffered during the cold winter season. It takes an older person a longer time to recover from illness and we don’t always have the monies available to pay for multiple trips to the doctor. I ask that people please support this wonderful initiative to make older people feel cared for by the community in which they live and have contributed to,” implored Chetty.

The Tafta Winter Warmth Drive calls on members of the general public as well as the Durban Corporate community to open their heart this winter by donating items of need to Tafta elders this winter period.