Greenwood Park police is warning the public to be extra vigilant when they find themselves stuck on the N2 Freeway heading towards KwaMashu M25.

Police suspects that a crime syndicate is operating in the area following four incidents of armed robbery and carjacking taking place in the area since the beginning of February.

According to the station’s spokesperson Sergeant Vincent Mthembu, two incidents of robbery and two of carjacking have been reported at the station where three armed men have robbed victims of their belongings including cellphones, cash, jewellery, laptops and other valuables. The alleged syndicate is also targeting goods trucks travelling or stopping in the area. “In a latest incident that took place on last Sunday at about 11.10pm, it is alleged by a truck driver who was stationery on the N2 Freeway waiting for other vehicles to pass when three suspects approached him and opened both drivers and passenger’s door.

“The suspects held him up at gunpoint and tied him up before driving towards Petro Port South Bound where they blind folded him and drove to an unknown location. On arrival to their destination the suspects removed both trailers full of sugar from the truck,” said Mthembu.

He said that the suspects then drove the truck back to the N2 South Bound and left the driver in the truck and fled. The trailers were full of sugar to the value of
R376 450. A case of carjacking was opened at Greenwood Park Saps. “We would like to warn the members of the community to be extra careful when they find themselves in that place and not to stop there,” said Mthembu.

Other incidents occurred on 2, 3 and 4 February. Mthembu said that they suspects that these criminals have a hiding place under the bridge where they run to after committing crime.

The Durban North News has confirmed that three men were seen under the bridge a few times. According to a witness, the men do not look like they are homeless and they look strong and fit.

Mthembu said that they target people who are stuck on the road or walking alone even in broad daylight. “This place has become a hot sport for crime and we are pleading with people to try and keep away from the area and to report any suspicious activities to the police.”